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Legal notice: The acquisition of this security is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. The expected return is not guaranteed and may be lower than expected.
With 2C Dental's patented orthodontic system, almost 100% of tooth misalignments can be treated efficiently and aesthetically.

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20% INVEST grant available

For investments of € 10,000 or more, investors receive a tax-free refund of 20% of their investment amount through the state sponsored INVEST grant. More information can be found here.


Investment highlights:

  1. Patented orthodontic system and high USP.
  2. In a multi-billion dollar market with double-digit annual growth rates.
  3. Founders are renowned orthodontists and serial entrepreneurs with many years of experience and network in the dental industry.
  4. The product is fully clinically validated and approved in the EU and US.
  5. Immediate sales in the US in focus.
  6. Immediate supply capability through operations in Texas, USA.
  7. Break even from 2021 expected.
  8. High chance of exit to large dental company in a short time.
  9. 20% INVEST grant. 20% of your investment will be refunded by the BMWi.
  10. 905.000 EUR already invested by Companisto-Angel-Club


Investors become shareholders

As an investor you will receive shares and become a shareholder of 2C Dental AG. This puts you on an equal footing with all other shareholders and professional investors. You obtain real ownership and have full shareholder voting rights.

Your shares can be deposited through a Clearstream connection and can be held in any securities account of a bank or an online broker. The shares have their own WKN and ISIN, but are not listed on the stock exchange (pre-market investment).


What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment is 1,000 euros.  A maximum of 25,000 euros can be invested.


This document is used to advertise the security. A securities information sheet has been published for this security offer. This can be downloaded from www.companisto-investments.de/wib. The information about the companies on the Companisto website is provided exclusively by the companies.

€ 1,132,735


€ 935,000

Angel Club Investments



€ 10,035

Average Investment





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The acquisition of the offered securities and investments is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets. The expected yield is not guaranteed and may be lower. Whether it is a security or an asset investment can be seen in the description of the investment opportunity.
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